Forever Cleanse

Forever Cleanse

Keep frozen if you are not starting your cleanse right away!

Your Forever Cleanse has been formulated to help detoxify your body with a balance of fresh vegetables and fruits. The order of the cleanse is set to help you function easily throughout the day. Start with your green juice as your breakfast, and end the day with a coconut fusion. Drink each portion in 2-3 hour intervals or when you start feeling hungry, the timing is not set in stone. You can have as much water as you like.

Your juices will be sent to you frozen to maintain freshness. Remember your juices are unpasteurized, the enzymes and good bacteria are still alive. We freeze the juices right after they are pressed to keep the nutrients from deteriorating. Please thaw out when you are ready to start juicing. You can keep them frozen up to 6 months, after they thaw it will only last about 3-4 days. You should defrost 6 bottles at a time (one day’s worth at a time) the day before at ROOM TEMP. Generally it takes about 4-6 hours to defrost. When they are mostly thawed but still very cold place in the fridge to start in the morning. (Do not defrost overnight).

First choose 3 days that would be convenient for you to do a cleanse. Doing it during work is recommended, as free time is a killer when you are not eating. The days prior, try to cut out as much coffee and alcohol as you can. No eating fried foods or anything equivalently unhealthy.

Although food is not allowed during the cleanse, an exception is made for 1 raw vegetable a day (any kind you like). You need to add a touch of salt to supplement the sodium the cleanse lacks. Most people think salt is bad for you, but the truth is that TOO much salt is bad for you. When you don’t get any sodium at all, it’s also bad.

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