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3 Day Believer Cleanse with Cashew Milk

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3 Day Believer Cleanse with Cashew Milk

Our bottles are 0.5l (NOT 0.25l)
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3 Day Believer Cleanse with Cashew Milk

3 day cleanse containing 18x470ml bottles (6 per day)

6x470ml Sweet Greens
apples (38%), celery (16%), cucumber (16%), green kale (6%), spinach (6%), swisschard (6%), romaine (6%), lemon (3%), ginger (3%)
3x470ml Detox Greens
apples (38%), celery (16%), cucumber (16%), dandelion (8%), watercress (8%), wild arugula (8%), lemon (3%), ginger (3%)
3x470ml Pineapple Mint
pineapple (60%), apple (35%), mint (5%)
3x470ml Spicy Lemonade
purified water (80%), lemon (13%), agave nectar (6%), cayenne pepper (1%)
3x470ml Cashew Milk
spring water (70%), cashews (25%), agave, pure vanilla extract and cinnamon (5%)

Unlike our regular Believer cleanse, this version is formulated with a cashew milk for people who don't like or have allergic reactions to our coconut fusion. It has more calories and protein that the fusion drink, which is a good choice as a dinner replacement.

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