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3 Day Whenever Cleanse with Cashew Coffee

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3 Day Whenever Cleanse with Cashew Coffee

Our bottles are 0.5l (NOT 0.25l)
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3 Day Whenever Cleanse with Cashew Coffee

3 day cleanse containing 18x470ml bottles (6 per day)

3x470ml Sweet Greens
apples (38%), celery (16%), cucumber (16%), green kale (6%), spinach (6%), swisschard (6%), romaine (6%), lemon (3%), ginger (3%)
3x470ml Detox Greens
apples (38%), celery (16%), cucumber (16%), dandelion (8%), watercress (8%), wild arugula (8%), lemon (3%), ginger (3%)
3x470ml Pineapple Mint
pineapple (60%), apple (35%), mint (5%)
3x470ml Root Veggies
carrot (33%), beet (33%), apples (28%), lemon (3%), ginger (3%)
3x470ml Spicy Lemonade
purified water (80%), lemon (13%), agave nectar (6%), cayenne pepper (1%)
3x470ml Cashew Coffee 
purified water (55%), cashews (25%), coffee (15%), agave, pure vanilla extract and cinnamon (5%)

This formulation is our beginner cleanse. We removed the coconut fusion and added a cashew milk with some coffee for people that can‰۪t go without their caffeine fix in the morning. It is high in protein, and has just enough coffee to prevent those nasty withdrawal headaches.


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